Diesel Fuel Additives Keep Your Equipment & Fuel System In Top Shape

If you are a business owner/farmer who stores equipment and machinery during the winter months, give this a read and it might just save you from thousands of dollars on repair costs! Did you know that it’s important to consider using fuel additives after storage and to maintain clean fuel systems?

Percy Hoff, President of DSG Power Systems, owner of the 4+ Fuel Additives brand says that in modern diesel fuel systems, the ultra-low diesel fuel and heat generated by new high-pressure fuel systems cause deposits to form inside injectors. When machinery is stored, these deposits can harden and result in non-start issues or worse… damage to the fuel injection system. A good fuel additive such as 4+ Premium will clean up and refresh your fuel after winter storage and keep your fuel system in top shape during the summer months. 

Let’s see it in action… 

Darrell Burke 

Darrell Burke owns a 1994 Dodge with a Cummins 5.9L engine that was hard-starting, down on power, and would not rev up properly. He took his vehicle to our diesel repair facility, DSG Power Systems. The vehicle was diagnosed with sticking plungers in the fuel injection pump. Darrell had two options - opt for an expensive pump and injector overhaul OR try an effective fuel additive. We dosed the truck with 4+ Super Clean and left it overnight. The next morning, the truck started and ran, but still not 100%. Then, we used another dose of Super Clean and then dosed the rest of the fuel in the tank with 4+ Premium. Result? PROBLEM SOLVED. We saved Darrell THOUSANDS of dollars! 

What caused the problem, and why did this low-cost solution work? 

During operation, diesel fuel injector deposits from inside the injection system and are washed back to the fuel tank by the return fuel system, which is used to cool the injection system. Eventually, these deposits contaminate the fuel filters and the rest of the injection system. When the vehicle is stored, the deposits harden and cause injection systems to gum up and stop working properly. 

DSG’s 4+ Premium dissolves and prevents the formation of black tar-like material in diesel fuel, commonly referred to as asphaltenes, in the fuel system. When internal diesel injector deposits mix with water, a damaging dark sludge will become evident in filters and the fuel system. The presence of water and sludge in diesel fuel can contribute to the formation of tar-like substances. This substance can develop with many current fuel formulations, particularly with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel (ULSD) and biofuels which may lack the aromatic solvents that were previously part of diesel fuel blends. The development of sludge is accelerated in newer engines with high-pressure fuel systems. Continuous use of 4+Premium is recommended to prevent expensive failure like this. All major engine manufacturers now recommend use of an additive at all times.

Enbridge Energy 

David Shaw, Senior Mechanical Technician of Enbridge Energy (generator farm) in Hay River, Alberta, noticed that he was going through injectors and filters at an alarming rate. He contacted Hoff to discuss the problem, and a maintenance schedule was established with immediate success. In a letter to DSG, Shaw wrote: 

“Many thanks for helping us solve our diesel fuel problems (we could barely get 1000 hours on our filters). We sent out diesel fuel samples to a lab and they told us we had a high level of (asphaltenes), diesel fuel breaking down (black slime) from the heat generated from high-pressure common rail injection systems. We followed your advice by double treating our existing inventory with 4+ Premium Conditioner. We started treating our fuel at the standard rate (10 L treats 22,750 L / 6,010 US gal.). I was cutting open the fuel filters at 1000 hours checking for that black slime and after a couple of filter changes, the black slime disappeared. I then went back to the recommended 1500 hour interval for filter changes. Again, thanks for your help.”

Using 4+ additives can extend fuel filter life, as well as that of injectors and other precision fuel system components. Philippe Charpy, Service Manager at DSG explained, “Internal Diesel Injector Deposits, known as IDID in the industry, appears in fuel tanks, fuel filter and fuel injection systems as a black, tar-like substance, and can be especially apparent in newer engines using high-pressure fuel injection and common rail fuel systems.” 4+ contains antifoulants and detergents that dissolve deposits and loosen debris so they can be captured by filtration systems, but it is also recommended to install additional filtration. DSG promotes the use of SEPAR filters, a new hi-tech German designed filter that uses changes in fuel direction and speed rather than paper media to remove the harmful deposits. 

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